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  • Extractions

    Extractions, or tooth removal, is sometimes necessary. An extraction may be considered either a simple extraction, or a complicated (surgical) extraction. In general, for a simple extraction, teeth are removed using an elevator, then forceps to apply slow, steady pressure with a controlled force. If the teeth are not easily accessed (perhaps due to bad decay, or if broken under the gumline, or if not erupted fully) an incision in the gums may be needed. In addition, sometimes some jawbone may need to be removed and/or the tooth may need to be split into pieces to facilitate its removal.

    There are multiple reasons why a tooth may need to be removed, or extracted. Some reasons include:

    • Severe tooth decay rendering the tooth non-restorable
    • Advanced gum disease
    • Orthodontic reasons (to create room)
    • Infection
    • Severe fracture
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