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  • Implants

    Dental implants are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It consists of an an artificial root made of a metal called titanium which is surgically placed into the jawbone in the site of the missing tooth. Once the implant is placed, it might be left to heal for a period of time before an artificial replacement tooth (in most cases, a crown or bridge) is attached to the implant(s). Essentially, the implant can be likened to an anchor which holds the replacement tooth in its place.

    With implants, a patient must be willing to see the dentist and/or specialist multiple times until the work is complete. Also, typically implants cost more than other tooth replacement options and not all insurance companies will cover costs for this type of treatment.

    Sometimes if an area has been without a tooth for a long time the bone has shrunk and may require a bone graft in order to have enough bone to receive an implant. In sites where a tooth is missing and an implant is placed, the bone is less likely to shrink.

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